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Spokane Basement Remodeling

Spokane basement remodeling can be very beneficial to your home. It is one of the projects that should be on your priority list. It is a very daunting job, but one which pays off. A finished basement can add a whole new dimension to your house.

Reasons You Should Consider Spokane Basement Remodeling

Overall Value

Basement is the cheapest investment when considering remodeling projects. It costs less than kitchen or bathroom upgrades and therefore, gives a better value per square foot of remodeling. Any other remodeling project will have a lower value to cost ratio.


One of the best things about remodeling your basements is the complete freedom to implement whatever design you have in your mind. You have to remodel your primary level with soft colors, but in your basement, you can paint the walls in psychedelic colors if you want to.

Market Demand

It has been noted that most big families want homes which have finished basements. As they require more floor space than the average family. This increases the marked demand of the place, allowing you to get better return on your investment.

More Space

Basements have a lot of space. If you finish them properly with ample lighting and proper accessories, you will find that your basement is one of the most relaxing places solely because of the space it has to offer. You can have large rooms which are always more attractive.

Extended Family

One of the most important reasons for getting a basement done is usually to accommodate extended family. If you have relatives over often, you can simply make their stay more enjoyable by offering separate bedrooms, living area, bathrooms etc. It will relieve you of pressure of entertainment as well.

Entertainment room

Another commonly seen practice is to turn a basement into an entertainment room. You can easily place pool tables, table tennis tables and gaming systems in your basement. You could also install a big screen TV with surround sound and proper seating to make a movie place within your own house. If your basement is attractive enough, your kids, especially teenagers, will spend more time at home.

Extra Income

Yes! You can always sublet your basement to earn a little extra income to support yourself. It has been noted that renting out a basement can cover around 70% to 75% of your cost. Due to the ample space, you can convert your basement into a complete apartment and rent it out.


Spokane basement remodeling project offers you the opportunity to organize your things neatly. Most people with unfinished basements tend to scatter things that ought to be stored properly. If you are opting for a basement remodeling, it will give you the opportunity to organize your stuff after the basement is remodeled.


Basements are naturally insulated. Even an unfinished basement is the coolest in summers and warmest place in winters. Add the latest technologies to the natural insulation and you have yourself the most efficient room in your entire house. If Spokane basement remodeling project is performed effectively, you will save a great deal of money on your utility bills.

Why Us for Spokane Basement Remodeling offers you the best prices while using the best available workmanship to ensure that your Spokane basement remodeling is performed effectively and efficiently. We have been working locally for over 30 years, which empowers us with greater experience of working in Spokane climatic and weather conditions. We can perform a Spokane basement remodeling project according to your personal preferences and make it one of the most enjoyable places in your house.

Five Reasons to Consider a Spokane Room Additions

While a Spokane room additions might cost you a lot of money, it is always worth it. Confined space is one of the issues that every family faces. As families grow, it is difficult to accommodate newcomers in the space which fewer people are used to occupy.

Spokane Room Additions vs. Buying a New House

Unfortunately buying a new home in Spokane every time one of the boys gets married or someone is born is not a very feasible option. It requires a whole process which has a lot of transactions costs attached to it. For example, you have to pay the realtor for the deed, the legal fees and the taxes when you sell off the house. Similar expenses are incurred when you purchase a new one. On top of that, it takes time and effort to move from one home to another.

So instead of uprooting themselves and moving off to a new place, many home owners choose to improve and renovate the homes they already own. One of the most common types of improvement to gain additional space is Spokane room additions.

Reasons for Spokane Room Additions

There are many different reasons to opt for Spokane room additions. Anyone considering a Spokane room addition should consider the following

  1. Additional rooms give the house a more organized and clutter free feeling. Spokane room additions can help your house look well arranged and better thought of. It also encourages the members of the household to compartmentalize their belongings.
  2. If your house feels out of space or over cramped with things like furniture or decoration pieces, it might be time to consider Spokane room additions. If you or your spouse finds something you ought to have in your house and don’t buy it due to confinement of space, you must be running out of it.
  3. Spokane room additions can easily solve a lot of problems for people who bring their work home with them. If you have a separate room to keep your valuable documents and office files, the chances of them becoming damaged is reduced. Imagine a child ripping your office file apart or spilling coffee on your childhood photo with your grandfather.
  4. Once again, Spokane room additions are cheaper than buying a new home in Spokane. If you are considering buying a new house only because you are short on a room, you might want to stop and consider a room addition. It will save you time as well as money.
  5. Having a dedicated room for every activity in the house can lead to vary comfortable living. With Spokane room additions, you won’t be disturbed by the television in the living room as you read a book or the kids won’t be distracted by music while they are doing their homework because you can have a room for every activity that the members of your home perform.

Spokane Room Additions

Spokane room additions allow families to organize their lives better. Everyone would know about the specific purpose of every room. Similarly, if a guest comes to visit, you’ll have more space. Though you still might have to make adjustment, like bunking your boys together, it will be relatively easier if you have a little extra space.

With Spokane room additions, you can go ahead and do what you want, because you’ve got the room now.